NELA Hillside Homes

Los Angeles, California
Project Type:
Single Family Residences
2,000 sq. ft. each
A trio of homes cascading down the natural topography of the site: The three new single family homes are designed to be both independently unique, but also compositionally tied together on a steep Northeast Los Angeles hillside. As individuals they have unique floor plans and sections, but as a family they share a similar building massing that is allowed to follow the varying topography of the individual lots, creating a pinwheel effect when viewed from the intersection below. The three homes are rendered in a gradient that transitions from white to gray to black, further expressing each home’s individuality and interconnectivity. The tilting forms are in conversation with one another, with the neighborhood around them, and the topography they share. Spaces within each home are designed to open to the outdoors, allowing the exterior spaces to be extensions of the interior. Raised backyards and floor-to-ceiling windows create views south towards downtown Los Angeles and west towards Griffith Park. Drought tolerant landscapes and reduced grading contribute to lessening the homes’ impact on the environment. The family concept speaks to a new approach to living in a city where housing is in short supply. The project is a study in creative ways to develop sites in R1 zones of Los Angeles that are challenges to build upon because of zoning restrictions.
In Progress
AUX Team:
Brian Wickersham (Principal-in-Charge), Ricardo Moura (PM), Taylor Nunes-Agins, John Chang
Structural Engineer - Kazarians Engineering Services, Civil Engineer - Russell Consulting & Engineering, Landscape Architect - SQLA Inc.