The Showroom

Downtown Los Angeles, California
Project Type:
7,150 sq. ft., 220 seats
The Showroom is a boutique live entertainment and F&B venue in the heart of downtown Los Angeles for musicians, dancers, comedians, actors, acrobats, podcasters, fashion designers and the audiences who enjoy them. Multi-use spaces feature advanced acoustics and video technology for live stage acts, recordings, and production, all designed to lead the way and be adaptable to the changing phases of the public’s needs for well-being. 
In Progress
AUX Team:
Brian Wickersham (Principal-in-Charge), Matthew Aulicino (PM), Aman Sheth, Louie Bofill, Taylor Nunes-Agins, Burcin Nalinci, Matthew McFetrick, Chris Driscoll, Kuhane Blackburn